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 There are 3 styles of pools you can choose to build, FREE FORM, GEOMETRIC or VANISHING EDGE. 

Freeform Pools have “non-symmetrical” curves. This style of pool design is often used to create a more “natural” look. Rock trim and pebble type interiors are often used to accentuate a freeform pool.
Homes with irregular and non-symmetric property lines accommodate a free-form pool nicely.

Geometric pools are characterized as having a specific shape such as a rectangle, oval, or square with straight edges and sharp lines. Geometric pools offer a more formal and contemporary feel.

A Vanishing Edge pool is a swimming pool where the water flows over one or more edges, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary. Such pools are often designed so that the edge appears to merge with a larger body of water such as the ocean, or the sky.